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Trained competence:
Strategic planning

Trained skills:
Targeted decisions, decision-making, focus, memory, performance analysis

Find the pieces that belong together.
Level 1: Only matching pairs are active.
Level 2: Some pieces are active.
Level 3: All pieces are active - find the ones you can remove.

Odd One

Trained competence:

Trained skills:
Self-confidence, communication, reading comprehension, deductive reasoning

Find the word that does not match the others.
Every level gives you more words.


Trained competence:

Trained skills:
Logical thinking, interpreting data, calculating, decision-making

Click on the fields to open them, but avoid hitting a mine.
The numbers you see on the field tell you how many mines are hidden around the field you opened.


Trained competence:

Trained skills:
Memory, learning, efficiency, reading comprehension, retaining information

Find the matching pairs.
The difficulty rises with each level.


Trained competence:
Spatial awareness

Trained skills:
Spatial imagination, attention, hand-eye coordination

Arrange the falling pieces so that they form lines without any holes.
Full lines will disappear. Form as many lines as you can without any pieces touching the top.

All games

Some characteristics are trained in all games:

Trained competences:
Logical thinking
Attention to detail
Coping with stress

Trained skills:
Problem solving, productivity, cognitive processes

Pilot testing phase

In the pilot test phase (March - July 2021), the app is tested by members of the target group. The final version of the app takes into account the results of this testing phase so that the app meets the needs and wishes of the users as much as possible. More information is available directly from the partner organisations.

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