The Play Your Skills Project

Project Background

Play Your Skills is an EU project (running from October 2019 to September 2021). The aim of the project is to introduce NEETs (persons who are Not in Education, Employment, or Training) to the labour market. The project will develop a mobile gaming app for identification and documentation of skills and competences for disadvantaged young learners. Through this app, NEETs will discover their potential as well as the skills and competences they already have. App users will be provided with ways to stay in touch with counselling and training centres therefore enabling them to make the correct choices and find ways to be introduced to the labour market.

The Play Your Skills project is directed at NEETs to help them gain access to the labour market as well as to counselling and training centres that want to support NEETs on their way into the labour market.

Isabella's Story

Isabella is a 19-year-old NEET: She is not in any form of education or training and she is not employed. She does not know what she wants to become or what kind of education program or pathway might interest her. "I don't even know what there is," she says and adds that she lacks connections and access to educational institutions and the job market. Isabella spends a lot of time on her mobile phone, which is her constant companion. She particularly enjoys playing games and spends hours on this favourite pastime of hers.

This is where the Play Your Skills project comes in, by engaging with Isabella in an environment where she feels comfortable, she will be confident to learn. The app developed by the project is not only fun for Isabella, it also puts her in contact with information centres and brings her one step closer to a successful professional life.

Project Outcomes

Research Report: Interviews with trainers, counsellors, supervisors, labour market experts, and NEETs to find out more about their issues, hopes, and the current status quo. The report provides a review of the situation in all partner countries.

Mobile Gaming App: A unique gaming app is being developed and will be available for free download. The app is addressed at NEETs and allows them to discover aspects of their competencies, skills and personal interests through a gamified approach. The app also provides information about adult education institutions, labour market services and other means of support.

App User Manual: A comprehensive and explicatory user manual for trainers, consultants, labour market service staff and similar persons who wish to use the app in their professional work.